Luke's Story

On Thursday, July 31st, 2008, Luke went to the doctor's office for a follow up visit and by the end of the day found himself admitted at CHOC. Shortly thereafter, Luke was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, in need of a bone marrow transplant.
Check out what Luke's up to and how he's feeling through posts, pictures and videos, and please leave comments of encouragement to not only Luke, but to his whole family. You can do so by clicking on the link under each post or by writing your own post by emailing Tell him what you think. Tell him a funny story. Let him know that you care about him. Include a picture if you'd like. Thanks, and check back often for Luke updates.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rare Disease Champion Finalist

I found out yesterday that Luke was nominated as a finalist for a Rare Disease Champion Award. His story and the opportunity for us to vote for him will be available next Wednesday, Feb. 1 at this link:
Four Finalists Named for 2012 Rare Disease Champion Award | Uplifting Athletes
Four finalists have been named for the 2012 Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease Champion Award. They include: Nebraska's Rex Burkhead, North Carolina State's Wayne Crawford, UCLA's Luke Gane and Florida's David Lerner. The honor is presented annually to recognize a leader in the world of college foot...

UCLA '11

Luke's football season went pretty well. He made the travel team and earned a starting role on special teams. He even got some reps at Tight End.  He's excited about the new coaches and the
future.  Here are some pics from this last season.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Latest Miracle

Luke being on the team at UCLA was a miracle in itself. I and others had limited hope that he would ever see the playing field. It's rare that an un-recruited, walk-on athlete gets playing time, but Luke with the blessings of God, some great encouragement from Tim Tebow and others, Luke has made the travel squad and is starting on kick return for in this his red-shirt freshman year.

I often reflect on where he is compared to where he could be. God has seen fit to spare Luke's life and to move him along to the place where he is playing football at a D-1 university! Moreover, Luke has been able to be a positive and uplifting influence to fellow athletes and even some coaches. God is using him as salt and light at UCLA! It's unbelievable and a great testimony to what I have repeatedly credited in these posts - The grace of our loving Lord, the prayer and support of a wide network of family and friends, and the awesome medical work from the team at CHOC! We are very grateful!

Summer Fun

So Luke was able to meet with Tim Tebow this summer.
Make a Wish was so generous and provided a first class experience. Luke was one of few kids that MaW hosted to for this trip. It went great! Luke and the family (sans Joshua and Dad, who were at Volleyball National Championships in Minnesota) spent a full day with Tim, who was exactly as expected - kind, gracious, faith filled, down to earth and intense about football. Luke and the boys got plenty of tips for excelling in life and sports. They had a blast!
Thanks to Make a Wish and to Tim Tebow for their generosity! If you are ever contacted by Make a Wish to donate, you should feel free to do so knowing that they do an amazing service for sick kids. Luke and all the other guests of Make a Wish had an amazing time!

Monday, August 8, 2011


It's been way too long since we posted anything to Luke's blog. There is a lot to update and we will post some info and pics updating Luke's health and life in the coming weeks.

In the meantime: Luke is doing very well. He's feeling great everyday. There are no left over effects from his bout with Aplastic Anemia. Last year, he struggled with a number of infections including mono, but he has fought them all off well. He also had another nasal passage surgery to clean out infection and clogging. We are very hopeful that he has a way better winter than last year, which was filled with many colds and sinus infections.

Summer 2011 has gone well for Luke. The boys train hard in summer. He worked in football office a few days a week. Luke's Make a Wish was realized. He got to meet Tim Tebow in Denver.
There are stories and pics at: Trip to Remember.
UCLA has been a big challenge! The team reported for camp yesterday and began the long days of summer camp today. Luke is working and praying hard to make the travel team.

There is a free scrimmage on Aug. 20 at 5pm on campus at Drake Stadium. Please feel free to join us.

That's a quick update and I'll be posting more in the weeks to come!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Year, But...

Last Friday Edison played Fountain Valley in the Bell Game. You might remember that last year's Bell Game was Luke's first trip back to the football field. That was a special night for him and our family. So was this year's game. To see him out on the field healthy and playing and enjoying the experience with
his team was priceless. We are so grateful and we know that many people in the community recognize the miracle it is that Luke is playing. We continue to rejoice in God's good gifts to Luke!

BUT we are saddened too by the fact that people still struggle with and die from cancer and blood born diseases. In the last two weeks we have heard about or experienced: A young mother of a student at our church fade away leaving a husband and three children. A former hockey teammate of Josh's, who was cleared of cancer a year ago, saw its return. A sophomore football player from Palos Verdes coming home from the hospital this week after a very scary bout with lymphoma (a bone marrow transplant seems to be doing a great job in him right now!) and today I received an Email informing me that Britt Merrick, (a pastor inCarpenteria and the son of cancer survivor/legendary surfboard shaper Al Merrick) has swine flu while his young daughter is receiving chemo treatments! Can you believe the hardship on that family?! Here is the link to their blog:
She received some "bad" chemo at some point and is not doing too well and she's scared.

We invite you to add these folks to your prayer list. I realize that we all are probably associated with people who have similar challenges going on right now in their lives. Prayer does make such a difference! And so does a loving, caring community of friends and family. Donating blood or platelets and joining the Bone Marrow Registry (It's painless!) are three great things we can do to come along side and support as well. We and these listed appreciate your support. May God bless you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Become a Donor

Many of you over the past year have asked how you can specifically support Luke. Now that he's completely healthy, the best way for you to support him, is by getting on the BONE MARROW REGISTRY. If Luke's little brothers, Jacob & Noah, had not been matches, Luke would have been looking for a donor on this registry. Make a difference in someone's life on the chance that you might be a match. No blood will be drawn to get on the registry. The only thing needed is a swab of the inside of your mouth. THAT'S IT!

Normally the cost to get on this registry is around $50. But this donor drive is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Come to Luke's game on Friday, October 30th and show your support for him by joining the Bone Marrow Registry. (The game does cost BUT we will be outside of the stadium from about 5 to about 7:10 and then move inside once the game gets going.)

Friday, October 2, 2009

October '09 - The Latest

Luke feels great! He seems like he is to the point where last year's ordeal is generally a faint memory. Sure, he thinks about it often, but in terms of how he feels and how he expects to perform - he feels healthy and strong. I think most of his thoughts regarding last year's battle with Aplastic Anemia focus on God's good grace to bring Him healing and extreme gratitude for where he is at today thanks not only to God, but also to an amazing bunch of people in our community!!!!! I know he feels so very, very blessed! And so do we.

As far as doctors and such - Luke, besides great help at EHS from Lance "the trainer who trains" (a movie reference) has been getting some amazing therapy for various football dings at the Rock Institute. We can tell you both from personal experience and testimonies from others we know who have received treatment there - That is one great treatment facility! Next Friday, Luke goes to CHOC for a check up and a second round of shots. We expect a full bill of health and if anything other than that kind of report happens, I will let you know.

Edison played Mater Dei last night and Whew! That game and the outcome was incredible!!!!!! Check out these two links for some cool news and photos.,0,7494200.column
Now after 2 weeks of two of the most intense football games ever played, he is pretty worn out and grateful that next week is a bye week. All the guys at Edison will be in rebuilding mode for a few days. Please continue to pray for Luke and if you wouldn't mind, I know he would appreciate your prayers for Edison football too!

Monday, September 21, 2009